Allison Taylor

Ellix Cain

Allison Taylor
Ellix Cain

What first drew you to the fashion and beauty industry?

I first became interested in fashion when I realized how limiting it can be for so many people and how frustrating that is. I was being told what I could and couldn’t look like and wear because of my gender, which I thought was quite ridiculous. Fashion and beauty is such an interesting way of expressing yourself, and often if you feel like you look good it can really help your confidence and energy, but so many people feel like they can’t look a certain way due to how restrictive current industry standards are in regards to gender, size, appearance, etc - and that makes me truly sad. Standards in a world full of individual and unique people seems silly, so I wanted to go into fashion to change those standards, to widen fashion as a creative art form and dispose of it as a point of contention. 

Where do you pull your inspirations from?

Inspiration comes from everything. My favorite shows, textures I see on the street, poetry, music. I find it hard to settle on one thing when there’s so much in the world that can be interpreted in so many different ways. A consistent inspiration for me is my spirituality, theres always little pieces of my beliefs in what I do. 

What, if anything, do you hope to change about the current fashion/beauty industry?

I really hope to humanize the industry quite a bit. As I was saying before, people feel excluded from fashion, the standards and industry examples right now are so super human and unrealistic for many. I hope to cater to more people to help them feel and be more included, comfortable, and happy with their fashion and expression.

If you could study under someone, dead or alive, as their assistant/apprentice for a week, who would it be and why?

Yves St. Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, or Iris Van Herpen. They’re all brilliant in their own right and I would love to see how they think and go through their creative processes.

Tell us about one goal you’ve accomplished, and one you still hope to reach.

I have 2 brands technically, one is called VII and is all priced under $100 for people that can’t afford high fashion. Ive been running it for 3 years now and Im really proud of how much its grown. A goal that I still hope to reach is to successfully release my contemporary and main brand, which is just self titled. Its been in the works for 2 years now and I’m really excited to release it.

What’s consuming your thoughts right now?

The show is consuming my thoughts for sure. Im running a fashion show this October, called “Water Me”, that aims to feature and create a more accessibly platform for queer designers and artists. Im not only the head of the event but Im also showing my own collection. So thats been filling my mind for a long while now, it keeps me busy. 

What can we look forward to see from you next?

Definitely my runway collection. Ive been working on some unusual things within it that I can’t mention yet, but Im so excited for everyone to see so it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore.