Allison TaylorComment


Allison TaylorComment

As I've *slowly* been navigating my way through life, I've watched and learned about my peers doing the same. Over and over I've heard about their struggles with anxiety, self-confidence, making and maintaining friendships and more. Their stories mirrored my own in more ways than one and something about that felt off.

I couldn't help but wonder if it was normal..

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If this was a product of increasing awareness of mental health, if it was more to do with the average lifestyle, or (most likely) a combination of the two.

The easiest assumption to make, though, is that the blame lies with social media. That's the biggest difference between then and now, right? We are constantly and consistently being fed influencers' picturesque lives, being sold to, and comparing our behind-the-scenes to everyone else's highlights.

Whether or not that's the truth for many of us, it's a big part of the basis for Rizing

It's my hope that the space created here will be one of support, passion, love, and healing.

Start the conversations that need to be had.

Share the stories that beg to be told.

Express the art inside in whatever way makes sense to you.


Maybe we won't be curing anyone of the mountains they have to climb, but perhaps we can offer someone to share the views with along the way.

We're all just people, after all <3


With love, and big dreams