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What if the images, ads, and articles you were bombarded with online reminded you of your importance, your beauty, your shared experiences rather than trying to tell you you're inadequate?

Rizing Magazine is born out of a need for connection and expression - one that is, hopefully, free from comparison and instead based in support.

Stories, both visual and written, sharing lessons learned and asking the questions we all have is what you'll find here.

Vintage, thrifted, and slow-fashion brand editorials supporting sustainability is what you'll find here.

Art depicting and challenging the status quo is what you'll find here.

A healthy mirror is what you'll find here.



Editor In Chief


Creative director and photographer Allison Taylor grew the concept of Rizing through years of watching her peers try to find their footing and understand their place in a world made so public and curated by social media.

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Rizing is an international publication launched in September 2018

Based in Vancouver, Canada